XK8 leather and interior lighting

I have been doing more work on my XK8, improving the state of the leather and changing interior bulbs to LEDs. I refurbished the driver’s seat and door armrest, but the centre armrest was probably the worst in terms of wear. I had bought a kit from Furniture Clinic who have […]

What3Words: a distraction during lockdown

As if I didn’t already spend enough time in front of a computer screen, both at work and at home, this lockdown has made things worse. Typically, around half of my working day is researching and writing reports and papers, but at least the other half was talking to people […]

A 30-year restoration project

My mechanical adventures from boyhood, when I was barely able to lift a spanner, to now when I can just about wield one. Let me start at the beginning of my mechanical adventures. Like most small boys I have always been interested in making and repairing things. I liked taking […]

XK8 Daytime Running Lights

It’s possible to fit daytime running lights to a XK8 or similar for just a few pence (well, a couple of quid). There is a wonderful series on YouTube called “To the garage” and in one of these there was a link to a light upgrade for XK8 cars. One […]

XK8 front brake replacement

After changing the rear discs on my XK8 I thought I may as well do the front discs. It couldn’t be any harder, right? Wrong. Again, the first challenge, after getting the discs and painting the rim areas where the pads don’t touch to keep them from going rusty, was […]