JEC National Show at Thoresby Hall

The National club’s anniversary event took place at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire on Sunday 22 June. What a day! Previous events held in the north of the country haven’t been that dry in the past few years. However, for once, the event was held in brilliant conditions and warm sunshine.

The event attracted over 4,000 visitors and numerous amounts of Jaguar Cars. As well as visitors from our European neighbours, we even had a contingent from Russia too!! A few members from Essex Thameside Region attended and I am sure enjoyed the event. Bob Cain assisted with the marshals on parking control, Ron Ansell again was a judge of the Concours cars. Russell & Mandy entered their XJ Supercharged V8 into the ‘Pride & Joy’ Catergory. Brian Harris assisted with the XJS Forum.

Throughout the day there were various activities going on including K9 Quarkers – Sheepdog and duck herding display, Knights of Nottingham – world champion jousting team, Aqua Blast – a display of transforming old metal to new, Furniture Clinic put on a leather display of interior trim, and a Floral Design display by Nigel Whyles. Many regional club stands were scattered around the site. There was a ‘Cars for Sale’ area – including an E-Type owner who was extremely hopeful with a price ticket of £110,00 for his coupe, as well as a couple of Mk. II’s with price tickets of £45,000 and £55,000!!!! The best vehicle for sale was an 60’s S-Type needing some work which was hidden behind one of the tents with a price tag of £4,995 ono! That’s better!!

Included in the event was a ‘Time Line’ which showed of members cars from an early 1920s Austin Swallow 7 tourer to a couple of SS of the 1930s, right up-to-date F-Type Convertible and Coupe’s. Some music was supplied by a roving Jazz band. At 2:25pm a ‘Spitfire’ fly past was organised. At the end of the day was the club prize giving ceremony overseen by Norman Dewis.

On display again was this immaculate Daimler Corsica. What a good looking car this is but not one to be driven initially. The history of this car is that by 1994, Jaguar’s XJ-series cars had been in production for 8 years and were looking dated. In an effort to recapture the beauty of the original XJ6 of the 1960s, Jaguar’s XJ range was completely restyled for 1995, and the new styling was lauded as a resurgence of Jaguar elegance. As before, Jaguar manufactured Daimler-branded versions of its XJ saloons. However, 1996 was Daimler’s centenary, and it was felt that something special should be done in celebration. Thus the Corsica was born: a 2-door convertible version of the Daimler Six saloon. Built using an XJ-series body shell, and modified XJS and XK8 seating and roof mechanisms, the Corsica was built as a shell only, not a driveable vehicle, being intended only for display on motor show stands. After Daimler’s centenary celebration, the vehicle was transferred to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, an offshoot of the manufacturer whose goal is to preserve important vehicles in both companies’ histories. Rather excitingly, the JDHT decided the Corsica deserved better, and commissioned David Marks Garages to turn an empty shell of a vehicle into a fully-functioning, running car. Some 400 hours of work later, the car was fitted with a complete powertrain, as well as all necessary electronics and HVAC systems. The Corsica remains in the collection of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.
Well done to the National Club for a wonderful day and here’s to another 30 years!!


Doug Warren