The Hare, Monthly Breakfast Meet’s

As you all should be aware, from April to October, The Hare Public House in Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, have a monthly “Breakfast Meet” on the first Saturday of every month. The landlord opens the pub at 09:00am for breakfast and provides free coffee and danish pastries for those that do not necessarily want a cooked breakfast. ‘Petrol-Heads’ from all over the Home Counties come to the gathering with their various exotica and classic cars. The most recent gathering was on Saturday 3rd August 2014. For those that can get up early, this is a great gathering of machines and well worth a visit. Make sure you are there early (by 8am) as it really gets busy and full BEFORE 9am. The weather does play its part and if it isn’t raining then you can expect some interesting machines on display.  See recent photo’s of August’s gathering below – pictures courtesy of Doug Warren and Neil Shanley.