Jaguar XJ8 Headlining

As some members may be aware, I added to my collection of one Jaguar XK8 with a XJ8 3.2L V8, both coloured Seafrost. My latest addition, the XJ8, needed a number of items to be carried out which I have done, on the whole, by myself. The car is now road legal and running as sweetly as a nut. Two major items were in need of addressing, one of which was the renewing of the headlining, the other a paintwork tidy up, which is planned for March. A common problem with a lot of Jaguars is the dropping down of the headlining as can be seen by these photos.

Over time the glue deteriorates and the headlining drops down inside the cabin area. Surfing the net, I looked at various Jaguar forums and specialist headlining companies, but were put off by some poor reviews appertaining to a lot of these so called specialist companies. I then came across a company called Q-Trim which conveniently is located 10 minutes away from my home in Galleywood. I went over to see the owner, Sebastian Bodera, at his workshop in West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow. After lengthy discussion and the reassurance that he had undertaken a few of these Jaguars with this problem, I arranged for him to undertake mine. He was well booked up so I had to wait 3 months before he could fit me in, but it was well worth it! See photos of his work below.

He did a fantastic job for just £320. I know a number of members have suffered with this issue  on their X300s, XK8s, XJ6s and various other Jaguar models. He is not averse to undertaking other manufacturers’ cars too, for headlining problems or leather seat work. If you are considering having your headlining undertaken I certainly recommend his work. He can be contacted on Tel: 01245 917821 Mobile: 07927192266

Members are welcome to see the finished work either at any club night or shows that I will be attending with the car this year.

If you have work carried out by a person you feel needs mentioning, please let us know so that we can pass on good workmanship to the benefit of other members.