Members’ cars: Geoff Monk’s Jaguar Mk2

Our Jaguar Mk2 NJW 121E was first registered on 31 March 1967 and purchased by Geoff on 16 May 1995.

How come Geoff bought a Mk2?  He says that he saw one nearby and decided to try to buy one. A friend knew of JD Classics, then at Rettendon, and they sourced the car for him.  

Geoff was thinking of spending £1 – £2,000 but ended up paying £9000, although JD Classics were originally saying that a Mk2 could cost anywhere between £1,000 – £20,000.

What we didn’t know, until we checked the V5 just now, is that this car has only had 2 previous owners, the last one being the one and only Jim Gallie of Battlesbridge.

The exterior was good, but the engine was shot – massive amounts of blue smoke from the exhaust.  A drive down the A12 resulted in smoke engulfing the road.  The leather seats needed refurbishing, as did the walnut veneer of the dash and door caps.

One of Geoff’s old friends was a mechanic, and had the use of a pit at his workplace. So, with his help, the engine and gearbox were removed and taken to Gosnays at Romford for repair.  

Once this was done, and the engine and gearbox refitted, Geoff set about lots of other jobs.  The front cross-member came off, new coil springs and brake discs were fitted. The bumpers were re-chromed and a new stainless steel exhaust was fitted. Of course, many trips were made to Stoneleigh Spares Days, and Classic Car Spares at Waltham Abbey.

Other things got done more gradually after that.  Spats on the wheel arches, the  leather seats recovered, and more recently, the carburettors completely refurbished by a guy at Woodham Walter. Then, finally, the engine was tuned on a rolling road by Thurstons at Ongar – brilliant!

Now and again something happens, but then the car is 52 years old.  Recently, Geoff realised that we had no rear lights so he had to redo all the connections at the side of the dashboard. We also had a petrol leak on one drive it day and caught fire!

Geoff often swears about the car, and threatens to sell it. However, this car is a true classic, an iconic piece of British car history and so very eye-catching in its red coat. It would be sad to ever see it go.

Mary Monk