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The Coopers’ Austin 7

My father Frederick John Cooper, having just obtained his driving licence, purchased a secondhand, black Austin Seven saloon car. He must have been about 21 at the time. Luckily the Austin just passed through the gate at the rear of 107 Milton Street. Grandfather came out of the back door […]

Cooper’s nuclear shelter

In 1962 W.J. Cooper & Son, a local building and decorating firm run by my father Fred and his uncles Geoff, Fred and Bill, was given a building contract by Mr Lewis, an architect and the owner of an old cottage on the corner of West Street and North Road […]

A trip down Europe’s memory lane

An 8-day drive around Germany and Austria Thinking about it, I suppose I have always been a bit of a petrolhead. Ever since my Dad’s first 1956 Morris Oxford, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I took an interest in cars and also in overseas travel. Long before […]

XK8 ‘A’ pillar issues

As many owners will know, the ‘A’ pillars on an XK8 are covered with a nylon-backed material, glued on at the factory. After time, this glue disintegrates and the nylon begins to lift off the plastic-fronted ‘A’ pillar posts, obviously looking unsightly. I decided to replace the nylon on my […]