Breakfast at the Hare, September 2014

The local ‘petrol heads’ met again at The Hare on the Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, on Saturday 6th September for Breakfast and a natter. Grange Motors loaned me a F-Type R 5.0L Supercharged for the occasion. And what a machine. At well over £90,000 with extra’s, this machine is something else. It drove very docile around town but if you were to put your foot down it moves spectacularly quickly and the sound (with the exhaust button on) is glorious. One of those occasions when you want a tunnel to hear the crescendo it makes when reverberating off tunnel walls that make your hair stand on end. There were some fascinating cars attend and as per usual, the car park was virtually full by 9am. Saturday October 4th will be the last of the season. Don’t miss it!